Volunteerism: Put it to work!

In 2010, the estimated dollar value of volunteer time was $21.36 per hour as calculated by Independent Sector. Unfortunately, for a volunteer, that doesn’t pay the bills.  But you can put your volunteer experience to work for you! 

In the article Put Volunteer Work on Your Resume, Susan J. Ellis (a guru on volunteer management) offers this advice:

Consider integrating your volunteer work into the section of your resume called “Work Experience.” Even if you were not paid a salary and did not consider the volunteering to be “employment,” it certainly was productive work and should count as “experience.” 

Some volunteer-related experiences to consider: 

  • Leadership
  • Organizing meetings and events
  • Public speaking
  • Researching answers to questions
  • Working with a variety of audiences (youth, elders, disabled, etc.)
  • Creating presentations and displays
  • Computer skills
  • Organization skills
  • More!

Also, don’t forget about other useful things such as:

  • Being reliable
  • Maintaining a high quality of work
  • Completing tasks on time
  • Working well with others
  • Working independently
  • Appropriate communication

And, if your current place of employment doesn’t give you a chance to develop new skills for promotion or job change, consider building those skills through your volunteer activities! 

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