“Because of UW-Extension” Social Media Campaign

“Because of UW-Extension” Social Media Campaign

Gov. Scott Walker’s 2015-2017 proposed Wisconsin budget includes a $150 million base cut to the University of Wisconsin System. This severe and abrupt cut represents an approximate 13 percent reduction to the State of Wisconsin’s General Purpose Revenue (GPR) support for the UW System.

Because UW-Extension is part of the UW System, this cut will negatively impact the quality and variety of UW-Extension programs available around the state. In addition, Cooperative Extension faces targeted cuts that would eliminate 13.45 positions in addition to the nearly $3 million from our budget resulting from the cuts to UW System.

UW-Extension resources benefit Wisconsin communities, businesses, farms, families and people. You can help us communicate the value and importance of UW-Extension – now, during Capitol Connections April 30 and beyond – by sharing exactly how you benefit from our educational programs through a social media campaign entitled “Because of UW-Extension.”

Why Social Media

Emails and telephone calls are very important methods for communicating with lawmakers. And, recent trends suggest comments and conversations over social media are increasingly influential to legislators and their staff. For example, Chris Nehls writes on the Connectivity blog, “In a poll of House and Senate offices by the Congressional Management Foundation, three quarters of senior staff said that between one and 30 comments on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter were enough to grab their attention on an issue. Thirty-five percent said that fewer than 10 comments were enough.” Nehls also indicates that Facebook is still king, and Twitter is the crown prince.


Think about the following:

  • How has your life, business or community changed because of UW-Extension?
  • What skills, connections and resources have you received by working with UW-Extension, to help strengthen your life, family, business or community?

Then, share a Facebook post or Tweet starting with…. “Because of Extension…”.

Participate in the social media campaign by posting on Facebook and Twitter.  Share what UW-Extension means to you, and how it has changed your life. Mark your posts with #UWEXmatters to share with legislators that UW-Extension matters.

Learn more about the campaign, and the best practices of using Twitter and Facebook, here: Because of UW-Extension Social Media Campaign (pdf)

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